Wednesday, January 14, 2015

In the Rapids

Life is moving very fast these days, and, if the truth were told, Teddy said it all tonight, when he commented to his mother that "Nana is very old so be careful with her" (Alison was trimming some errant curls at the nape of my neck).  Teddy has no idea how hard Nana has to work to stay "young" enough to keep up with all his antics, and my new life.  I am loving it!!

It is 19 days and counting until my knee replacement. As much work as the surgery project is, I cannot wait for it to be over, as the pain is a huge weight I drag around every day.  Working with the fitness trainer is wonderful and I feel quite a bit stronger, and mentally I am in a great place. Let's see how soon I can get back to writing, and how long I can maintain my even keel through the pain.

Tomorrow, daughter, Anne, is bringing her beautiful self from Florida to see me.  For the first time in many years, we will take a few days away, just us, to catch up on our lives and see what fun and  "trouble" we can conjure up in Provincetown.  Our breath will be taken by the beauty and the cold, but we will warm ourselves by fires and enjoy some lovely meals together (well, LM is allowed to join us Saturday night at "The Mews.")  We will return home on Sunday and the whole family will have dinner before Anne returns home on Monday. 
This is all sort of a kick-off before the surgery date.

Many in my life are experiencing some health crises, some almost recovered and some in the worst stages of surgery recovery.  One friend, Priscilla, is leaving a hospital Saturday after 5 months away from home. Her spirit is so high right now and  I am so happy for her to be returning to her beloved cat, Pepper and her sweet home on a pond.

My sister, Margaret had surgery to shore up her lumbar spine last Friday, and after some post-surgical scary times, she returned home today under the watchful eye of her daughters.  The pain of being away from my sister in such a tenuous time, is wrenching.  Margaret, my heart is with you, Jerry and the girls! 

My second daughter, Sara, is suffering with kidney stones right now, and we are all sending her love, patience and comfort. Very painful.....we so want you to join us on Sunday so we send you and Samantha all our wishes to carry you through this time.

That is a little bit of life right much to do. I am so very grateful for the strength I feel and the love that surrounds me these days, especially from my LM.  He is my rock and haven so many times each day.

Time for rest and meditation.....sending you all peace and love!!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR.....Hanging on to Our Hats

We welcomed in 2015 with a lovely lobster dinner, and some movies.  Our perfect way to celebrate. A wonderful year is ahead, complete with a new knee for me, and many more adventures with Teddy, too. 

Who knows what other amazing events will fill our world, but we are ready to embrace each day for all its worth.

Ms G is celebrating 2015 with some Greenies and herding efforts with LM this morning as we prepare to have a New Year's celebratory breakfast with friends.

Much love to all our family and friends... may your days be filled with opportunities for peace, respect and love.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Celebrating it All

Preparations are in full swing, and everyone here seems to have Christmas in their heart.....LM, Teddy and I are off to drive a good friend to the airport this morning, and then we will come back to begin cooking our Christmas Eve dinner, for which, Sara and Samantha will join us....exciting times for the wee ones, and us, too.

Much love to all, and may your Christmas be exactly the way you would like.

Int he words of one of  my faves, celebrate it all and embrace the holidays, one and all, for whatever reason you like.

Love, peace and deep gratitude for you all this Christmas Eve.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Time Crunch

Ah, my dear and loyal readers, I am breaking the rules by starting off here with an apology for my silence here. I miss writing, and I miss my friends, but my enthusiasm is lost in my health challenges and responsibilities. Completely changing my life by retiring and moving, is taking me down some roads I never thought I'd travel.  Being quite responsible for 6 year old Teddy on a daily basis is an amazing privilege, but one that my body is not quite up to these days.  I never gave a second's thought to the fact that GRIEF would begin to consume me.  It was only today that I was able to define why I was crying, feeling very lonely, and experiencing severe exhaustion, when I am living in such a lovely place surrounded by loving family, and fairly free to do whatever I like each day, that I fully realized that I am suffering loss in many forms.  Add in the fact that dangerously high blood pressure, ulcers, and pain so piercing that I am nauseous, and the result is not a happy place.  Changing  meds to try to control this issues is mind boggling. The rush is on to fix things or my knee replacement surgery may be canceled in February. That is just about unthinkable to me right now.  I can only walk a few steps before staggering down or falling and the surgery has been a source of great hope. 
Grief and loss is a natural part of life when one has left work and a wonderful group of co-workers with whom one shared such camaraderie.  I've taken steps to increase my energy and centeredness. A personal trainer is putting me through some tough paces and I am talking with a counselor.  This too shall pass.
I'd been fighting the grief symptoms when I needed to go with them and embrace it as a natural life event.  We shall see how long I can keep my perspective.

Otherwise, we had a fun birthday party for Teddy last week, and are now looking forward to having a simple Christmas celebration centered around the children. 

Sending you all wishes for celebrations of your own choice to be filled with light, love, peace and joy.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Glimpse of MS G's World this Morning

Reporting in on Ms G's world this cold and blustery morning....she really has a lot to deal with and has been quite busy!
There seems to be a small reading lamp on the coffee table that must be tipped on its side, and no matter how often the human component rights the lamp, it must be set on its side again at her earliest convenience. Meanwhile, she would much prefer that the rays of morning sun stay settled for a bit so she could nap in their warmth on the living room rug.
The UPS man brought a lovely big packing tape-adorned cardboard box this week. It contained a big bag of Fromm's Gold dry cat food. YUM.....she loves that stuff, but there was also a bag of Greenies cat treats in there, too, and they are the ultimate.  That Greenie bag is just out of her reach on top of the refrigerator, as it is a well-known fact that Ms G will tear the bag to bits in a second to have a Greenie or two or three.  She's had to settle for hours of fun ripping and chewing the packing tape on the Fromm's box. 

Ms G's humans are busy trying to get ready for a little turkey dinner next Thursday.  Other family will be off to be with their own families and we will be happy to quietly reflect on our lives and give thanks for all the wonderful people we have to love.

Sending you all love and peace and wishes for a delicious and beautiful Thanksgiving celebration.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sunday Catch-up

It's a dark, cold and cuddly-happy Sunday afternoon at Chez Ms G and LM.  Some cleaning has been done, Ms G has been helping and entertaining, and some lasagne awaits us for dinner.  All too soon, I will be headed back to "home" at Teddy's house. Since moving there after retirement, my life is completely changed and happy in ways I have never known could be, even though, I still look forward to my weekends with keen anticipation, so that I can be wrapped in the love of LM and Ms G, once again.

These past months have not been easy on my health, and now I am in the race of my life to get my thyroid levels and resulting blood pressure issues, under control. If the BP doesn't come down, I cannot have my scheduled knee replacement on 2/2/15.   I have gone through a plethora of meds and began a new regimen yesterday that does not make me feel very well. We have 3 weeks to see if it will work. Meanwhile, I have some serious arthritis pain limiting walking and endurance. Both feet are not happy and both hands, as well. This all prevents me from sleeping, and I lay there knowing morning is going to come quickly, with Teddy in need of my help to be ready for the bus.  The pain works on my morale and leaves me in tears, at times. I just keep going the best I can and remember my Mum and how she suffered with the same pains, and mysteriously, one day, it all stopped and never came back. We have no idea why that happened. I am ready for my genetic disposition to arrive.

In other news, yesterday LM and I shopped for new window treatments and really found some great things at Christmas Tree Shop.....his living and dining room curtains were shot. We had great fun finding what we wanted and then went on a beautiful ride through the back roads of Plymouth and Carver to admire the cranberry bogs in all their crimson Fall glory.  After a nice seafood dinner, we came home and installed all the new curtains. Looks so fresh and it was fun to do it together.

Back at my other home with Jason, Alison and Teddy, last week found us witnessing the clear cutting of the beautiful, heavily wooded lot next door. New neighbors are coming!  I have too admit, though, that it was so painful to see the trees, many white birch, fall to the ground. The steep shape of the lot didn't allow for any trees to be saved, as a lot of excavation must take place before a foundation can be installed.  I admit to a few tears and days of grief over this event. There were so many little animals fleeing from the giant machines...and to lose an acre of birches was so sad. We still have some in our back yard. We had been warned by the builder that the clearing would take place so Teddy was in prime viewing position when the huge machines arrived at 6:30 am.

 The roar of the machines working brought that gleeful smile, although he shows it to me often for nicer reasons.
 He was sitting out there in light rain, too, but it mattered not a bit.
 A bee-line was made for the back deck when the workers headed to the top of the hill.

 We so hoped that the big oak in the foreground would not fall.

 Taking down the birches at the top of the hill.....

The oak finally lost its spot......we are promised that the new neighbors will be doing some lovely landscaping.

So now the lot has been left alone for the past week. We are waiting for the big excavation to happen.  

I hope you all are looking forward to a lovely Thanksgiving and time of gratitude spent with loved ones.  Sending you wishes for peace and love!!!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Dark and Stormy

If I can keep a certain gray and furry purrson off the laptop long enough, there will be a few words here this dark, windy, rainy, stormy morning. Oh, I do love these kinds of weekends. Not that I don't love clear sunny days, too. But I love the cocooning feeling of being with LM and Ms G to ride out a storm.  There are some beautiful colors in the trees and bushes outside the windows, and there is already a delicious beef stew made to enjoy later. We'll be watching a few movies this afternoon as we say hello to November.  The month of humble and delicious Thanksgiving.

NOTICE:  This missive is now being edited by gray paws.....=^..^=

For the first time in a few weeks, I feel well!  My energy is most of the way back, bringing me a great feeling of relief. Now, if I could just jump on to my magic carpet and be flown over Feb and March 2015, I would be free of knee pain and falling, and be ready to take on the world with more vigor.  Alas, it is one of those experiences I must take on to be appreciative of modern science and my own inner fortitude.

My editor is becoming very pushy and demanding ownership of laptop space so I'll be off. Wishing you a wonderful weekend, safety if you are in the eye of this storm, and a win for the Patriots.
Back to reading Graham Nash's autobiography, "Wild Tales" interesting.

Love and peace.......and a glimpse of one of  Mother Nature's artful creations